One day you will seek love & be SORRY that you threw someone's love away.

Often times, we get ourselves hurt and we would think that it is our loss. But really, reading this, it has changed the whole meaning and situation of things. It's something to ponder upon.

Here goes:

Once, there was this girl, who was in love with a guy.

He wasn't the most handsome and gorgeous, but for her, he was everything.

She used to dream about him, about spending the rest of her life with him. Her friends told her ;

"Why do you dream so much about him, when you don't even know if he loves you or not? First tell him your feelings, and get to know if he likes you".

She felt that was the right way. The guy knew from the beginning that this girl loved him. One day when she made the first move, he rejected her.

Her friends thought she would start doing bad and stupid things, and ruin her life.

To their surprise, she was not depressed. When they asked her how was it that she was not sad, she replied ;

"Why should I feel bad? I lost one who never loved me, but he lost the one who really loved and cared for him."

So, who is really at loss? I hope everyone learns something from it.
Keep the faith and be strong.
There is enough love in this world, if people will just look. =))

People that are meant to be together will always find their way in the end.

Ouchhh. Sangat menyedarkan dan sangat menyentuh perasaan!
Now i know what should I do bebeh! :)
Thanks everyone! :)

Credit goes to ; kak Ainaa Kamal :)


Aspio said...

syok betol read post ni sambil dengar lagu isabella.

Dianayusof. said...

suka baca entri ni weh ! Haha, Love is the most complicated subject that I've ever learnt. Hihi, kan kan?

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