I'm Afraid...

I'm afraid if i lose you before i get a chance to have you.

Hey my Dear,
I was really happy to know that you exist in that school.
Even just for 2 months, but, that's okay.
But, when the time comes to take you from me,
I was really disappointed when i realize i can't get to know you,
I was really nervous when i know you knew who gave you the card,
I was really scared when i know, i have no chance to get you.
And now, I'm really sad because i owned memories with you,
That i have to keep carefully inside my mind and my heart without let anybody touch them..

With confident, I'll gonna miss you!

P/S : Tersentap bila memikirkan jika esok aku hadir ke sekolah, and dia sudah tiada..
what should i do if that happened? help me, guys? :(


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